I have a very distinct memory of being absolutely beside myself as child. My mum, being concerned with my emotional outburst (and probably not knowing what else to do) asked me to write down what she could do to give me a happy life. I stopped crying and began to put pen to paper, my… Continue reading Happy?


Maybe It’s Because Their Parents Didn’t Let Them Climb Trees

In an age of social media, and constant connectedness- we're sadly becoming more and more disconnected from the wisdom and insight of the older generation. It's no secret that life is a lot different compared to what it used to be. But what was it really like - and what can we learn? The first man… Continue reading Maybe It’s Because Their Parents Didn’t Let Them Climb Trees

Pride in Achievements: Good or Bad?

My friend and I had been discussing a topic back and forth for a while recently before we came to a conclusive agreement. The topic was the issue of pride, and whether pride- and feeling proud- can ever be good. I had initially set out with the mind set that no, pride in itself cannot… Continue reading Pride in Achievements: Good or Bad?

Why Corbyn Makes A Great Leader: The Strength of Personal Conviction

I was on the train travelling back to Loughborough yesterday evening. I had to take a few unexpected changes due to delays, but I was grateful in the end that it resulted in some very chance and interesting meetings with others. The first person I met was a graduate student who studied in Manchester. We were sat… Continue reading Why Corbyn Makes A Great Leader: The Strength of Personal Conviction


Bodies. The flesh, the muscles, the bodies that both fuel us and pain us. The bodies that drive us to conquer amazing feats, yet need days tucked up in bed to recover from flu and illness. Can we ever be free? I was thinking about this recently and concluded that, while we’re on this earth,… Continue reading Bodies

Too Hard Too Fast

I posted recently about my newest challenge! Training for triathlon! So far it's been a blast! And actually last week I was so keen on reaching the adrenaline high that I thought I might be getting addicted... I pushed through every wall, every barrier. If the coach said you could stop early if you felt… Continue reading Too Hard Too Fast

Set-backs or Set-forwards?

About 5 days ago I was out on my usual Saturday long run. About 4.5 miles in I had to stop because my knee was so painful! For those of you who don't know I have been training with triathlon recently and upping the training quite a bit. I have been getting quite excited about… Continue reading Set-backs or Set-forwards?